Digital Storefront Solutions

Hypermart Overview

Hypermart in its truest form is an on-line based data asset and inventory management system for print, allowing clients to produce and fulfill graphics through a single production channel. Its roots are 100% homegrown from inception to creation; designed with the thought in mind that it can grow with the changing needs of each client.


Though originally designed to help support businesses operating at retail with multiple locations; it’s evolved to support varying markets including Insurance, Financial and Industrial Manufacturers. The common theme between each organization is the need to distribute print with a controlled process.

Features & Benefits

  • Streamlines the ordering process, thus reducing the amount of labor hours involved at a corporate level.
  • Production cost for any item is approved in advance by corporate, aiming to keep costs within budget.
  • Artwork for any item is also approved in advance, eliminating “rogue” marketing, keeping collateral true to brand standards.
  • Print can be executed on a true Print on Demand philosophy reducing your inventory carrying cost.
  • Print on Demand graphics can be customized without a custom cost.
  • Rollout features enable site managers to push multiple items to multiple locations at the touch of a button, eliminating spreadsheets and saving time.
  • Site managers can access real time inventory levels with low level warnings, thus preventing shortages and delays in the distribution of marketing support collateral.

To learn how Hypermart can support your business initiatives, please contact Viridiam.