Large Format Overview

Visually transform your surroundings to enhance your customer experience, develop and promote culture, and make a lasting impression on your internal and external customers. Viridiam’s large format graphics gives you the ability to make any commercial or retail space your own using atypical printing substrates. 

Unique People, Unique Results

At our core, our biggest competitive advantage of our large format graphics team is our people.  Our unique skills sets in the disciplines of engineering, structural design, planning, and practical application drive proven results.  When paired with unique materials we will provide solutions to your point of sales challenges.  

Concept to Creation

It’s one thing to make broad claims, but another to back it up. We are consistently being tasked with engineering new or creative ways to accomplish a seemingly impossible situation. Being an all-digital workflow, we will work with your creative team to provide physical working prototypes of your creative visions. These processes will allow you to visualize, budget and validate your proof of concept prior to any major capital investment.

Contact Viridiam today to see how we can make your product stand out in a crowded retail space or enhance your workspace experience.