At Viridiam, we believe that packaging is more than just a protective cover – it’s tells a story, enhances an experience, and is a vital part of your brand’s identity

Packaging provides an opportunity to provide premium printed graphics on a protective barrier that can leave a lasting impact on your customers. Even the size, shape, look, touch and feel are all important aspects of your packaging.


That’s why at Viridiam, our process starts with identifying your goals, so we can provide a roadmap on how to move forward from concept to prototyping, production to the distribution of the final product. We are also equipped to be your resource to fill your product and distribute to your customers, distributors, or sales team.


Our Prototyping falls under two categories, Product Fitment and Proof of Concept.

Product Fitment Prototype: The process of structurally engineering packaging that fits exactly to your unique product through supplied product samples.

Proof of Concept: The process of conducting limited runs of packaging produced with your artwork, allowing the packaging to be tested with your final product.

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Boutique Packaging

Boutique packaging is produced with unique features and materials, intricate details, and tailored aesthetics. Not only protecting your products but elevating their perceived value. 

With our advanced printing capabilities, we are able to collate products on the press and make any version changes on the fly without additional plates or set-up costs. This results in orders based on usage, reducing excessive inventory carrying costs. 

For companies, boutique packaging is a strategic tool to foster brand loyalty, leave a lasting impression, and stand out in competitive markets. And, by partnering with Viridiam, custom boutique packaging a cost-effective way to make your mark on the shelves.

Sleeves, Trays, and Windowing

At Viridiam, we specialize in four corner trays, auto-lock bottom trays, and sleeves. Our trays allow products to be neatly stacked in shipping containers and quickly displayed on a retail shelf, optimizing your shipping costs and moving your products into customer’s hands sooner. 

Our sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are utilized for wrapping sales kits, sealing custom products, and to contain and display products. We have the capabilities for windowing which allows us to cut out specific shapes and apply a clear window patch for product visibility.