Boutique Packaging

Boutique Packaging is utilized to get a consumer to purchase your product. When we say Boutique Packaging, what that means to us is that your packaging is produced with features to enhance the final look and feel of your product. This allows your product to differentiate and really stand out from the competition.

We offer Foil-Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Specialty Aqueous and UV Coatings, Magnet Enclosures, Soft-Touch Finishes, and Window Patch Enhancements. These embellishments can have an impactful reaction from your intended consumer, leading them to select your product.

We are also able to offer personalized packaging.  Personalization is the ability to produce different versions of your packaging in units of measure that make fiscal sense for your business. For example, if you have multiple skus that utilize the same package, and have multiple variations of color for that product. Ideally, all of those skus would sell at the same usage. However, some of the skus won’t perform as well as your top selling skus.  Traditionally, to maintain optimum unit costs, you would have to print versions of your skus on multiple press forms and have minimum production quantities for each version. This leads to carrying excessive inventory of your lower performing skus. With our Inkjet printing capabilities, we are able to make the version changes on the fly without additional plates or set-up costs. This results in being able to order your skus based on usage, thus reducing excessive inventory carrying costs.

The other advantage of being able to print packaging on an Inkjet press is the ability to collate products on press. This allows you to produce your collated multipacks with different artwork versions sequentially without having to collate products together after being filled with the final product. This results in a great deal of reduction of labor costs to collate your filled product.