Specialty Finishes

Are you a creative individual looking for new or atypical processes to help amplify your print related communications or promotional packaging; more specifically how your brand is visually perceived?

If yes, a specialty finishing technique should be given strong consideration. When applied to the right design results are guaranteed to be stunning. Viridiam is proud to offer a wide array of visual options to enhance your creative dream.

Foil Stamping & Embossements

Foils are available in a wide selection of colors ranging from metallic and pigmented colors to holographic effects. Complimented with an embossing (single, multi-level or sculptured) this process will create three dimensional visual depth to a two dimensional surface.

Glitter Coating

Exactly as it sounds, a metallic flake is mixed to a clear coating and then applied via UV curing process. The technique can be applied either in spot areas or overall. Available in a wide range of colors, pearlescent and tints.

Glow In The Dark Inks

After exposed to light, a coated area will have strong illumination and a long shelf life after applied.

Pearlized Aqueous Coating

Similar to Pearlized varnishes, Pearlized Aqueous coating is a more modern and inexpensive form of adding an overall metallic sheen to any coated or uncoated paper substrate. Like glitter, a metallic flake is added to a clear water based coating and applied at the same time your artwork hits press.

Scratch & Sniff Coating (Scented Inks)

The sense of scent is often times over looked as a stimulant to engage any client reaction. With advancements in ink technologies, a scented clear coating can be developed custom to any need or available off the shelf.

Soft Touch

Though not new to the industry, this technique has seen significant advancements in the finished look and feel. Depending on the creative concept this specialty finish can be best applied using a dry trapped water based (aqueous) coating, a film laminate, or as a spot UV application. A soft touch feel is best complimented with foils, embossments and clear UV’s.

Strikethrough Varnishes

A strikethrough technique is a blending of two press processes to create the illusion of a spot gloss and spot dull image area. This is a softer approach with less potent visual results than UV’s. It’s best served over floods of solid coverage and better executed using a gloss substrate.


Making a comeback, much like Letterpress printing, thermography is a vintage 1960’s and 1970’s process of “curing” any spot color with UV lamps to create a raised or bubbled visual effect. Imagine an embossment with an embossing die, registered to any spot color or applied blind.

UV Coatings

Available in a wide array of finishes, a UV application will offer the most visual contrast for any artist seeking maximum visual separation between gloss and dull image areas. From this line comes spot gloss, soft touch, thick and textured UV treatments.